Innovative chefs and curious foodies are challenging the stereotype that caviar should be enjoyed only on special occasions.  Masha Moro Caviar couldn't agree more.  Our mission is to make caviar understandable and accessible so it can be enjoyed more frequently.  

We have partnered with one of the world’s leading caviar distributors and curated a collection of six distinct types of caviar.  Each is among the best in its class and will delight both novices and connoisseurs.  By focusing only on a limited selection, we are able to offer each caviar at a great value.


Our Selection

All caviar is shipped direct overnight and comes with a freshness guarantee that ensures complete satisfaction.


The Caviar Club

Get a Caviar Club Subscription for yourself or give one as a gift.  In addition to a selection of fresh, premium caviar delivered to your door, you'll also receive discounts to our caviar store, invitations to exclusive caviar tastings and special caviar related gifts.


Customized Tastings

When you’re looking for a creative alternative for your next get-together, consider a luxurious caviar tasting.  A tasting can be paired with Champagne, vodka or white wine as the main event or it can be an elegant addition to any wedding, birthday or special occasion.


Masha's Story

I spent my childhood in Moscow.  Even in the lean Soviet years, caviar was always on the table.  Red caviar was a staple and black caviar was served for every major (and minor) celebration. 

When I moved to the U.S. more than 20 years ago, I was surprised to find that caviar was widely misunderstood and generally overpriced.  

Now with Masha Moro Caviar, I have the opportunity to bring my love of caviar to a wide audience.  I hope to de-mystify and simplify everything about caviar.  Caviar can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle and a luxury everyone can enjoy.

Bon Appetit!


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