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The most famous, precious, and exquisitely flavored caviar in the world, Beluga has long been considered the pinnacle of this global luxury food. Unfortunately, Beluga caviar is very expensive, especially if you want it sourced legally and sustainably.  This unique and highly-desired caviar will add decadence to any meal. 


This unique and authentic option is the only substitute for the king of caviars. Sourced from Italy, these pearlescent brown eggs are harvested from a crossbreed of Beluga (Huso huso) and Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii). This delightful combination offers all the exquisite qualities found in premium caviar: the firm popping texture, the smooth and buttery finish, and the nutty highlights of flavor. Its elegant look and the authentic eating experience it provides make it a unanimous favorite among gourmands, chefs, and caviar connoisseurs the world over.


An ingenious union, the cross between Beluga and Siberian Sturgeon results in a caviar that boasts all the classic flavors and large proportions of the famed Beluga with the sustainability and production speed of smaller Siberian Sturgeon caviar. The short gestation period of the Baerii makes this Beluga hybrid available for consumption in a comparatively short amount of time and confirms the farmed caviar experiment as a successful and elegant solution to a long-standing problem. This premium caviar has a milder, more buttery dimension than traditional Beluga, along with the earthy, nutty notes found in premium Siberian Sturgeon.


Be sure to use mother of pearl spoons to serve this to prevent corrupting its flavor. Serve on blini with creme fraiche to enjoy it in the classic, Russian way, or use as a sophisticated garnish for all manner of dishes and passed appetizers.


Ingredients: Beluga Hybrid (Huso huso x Acipenser baerii) roe, salt.

Beluga Hybrid, Italy

  • Italy

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