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For those who love a firm caviar that offers a crisp pop and refreshing finish, look no further than our Kaluga Fusion. This hybrid roe is the result of a combination of Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon, and its large amber beads offer a mellow buttery flavor. The dark pearls make a striking addition to any dish and serve as an elegant hor d'oeuvres when paired with nothing more than some creme fraiche and blini. A superstar within the world of caviar, Kaluga has earned a reputation as one of the finest sustainable caviars in the world!


For the gourmand that believes bigger is better, you’ll love the large grains of the Kaluga. The largest freshwater fish in the world, it’s no surprise that its roe is also one of the biggest. Each firm, well-formed pearl provides that classic pop on the roof of the mouth and tongue, giving way to a briny burst of flavor. Not fishy in the slightest, its buttery, nutty notes are complemented by the perfect salt percentage thanks to the Molassol preservation method used. This additional 3-5% of salt is just enough to extend the shelf life of the caviar while enhancing all its best qualities.


Often compared to the wild Iranian or Russian caviar found in the Caspian sea, this hybrid comes from Sturgeon whose natural habitat is the Amur River bordering China and Russia. Commonly known as the River Beluga, the Kaluga is only slightly smaller than the Beluga but twice as fierce. With the right genetics to achieve those nutty notes of flavor, you’ll find this premium hybrid offers all the same luxurious characteristics you look for in the finest caviars. Extremely similar to the king of caviars, the Kaluga hybrid makes an excellent substitute for that rare luxury, and thanks to careful sourcing, our sustainably farmed Kaluga caviar is the environmentally conscious and legal way to enjoy this delicacy of the deep.

Ingredients: Kaluga Sturgeon (Huso dauricus) and Amur Sturgeon (Aciepenser schrenkii) roe, salt.

Kaluga Fusion Amber, Asia

  • Amur River basin

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