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How Did Masha Get Into Caviar

I spent my childhood years in Russia where caviar was always on the table.  Red caviar (salmon roe), was a staple and black caviar which comes from Sturgeon fish variety, typically Beluga or Osetra, were served for every major (and even minor) celebration.  Back then caviar was a lot more available given the Caspian sea was yet to be depleted of this special delicacy. My family ate it often on a piece of white bread (like a baguette loaf of bread) with butter but I always loved it straight out of the jar!

When I moved to the U.S. almost 30 years ago, I was surprised to find that caviar was widely misunderstood having a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. I became determined to help my clients and bring my passion for caviar along with the educational side to all of my private caviar tastings. My goal is to help expose the general population to what has been proven to be the most nutritiously dense superfoods ever known. 

Now with Masha Moro Caviar, I have the opportunity to bring my love of caviar to a wider audience.  I hope to de-mystify and simplify everything about caviar, bring joy to people looking to do something different when entertaining their guests.  With delivery overnight most week days across the U.S. at an unbeatable price, caviar can become a part of your healthy lifestyle too!

Please contact me and I will be sure to meet your specific needs and budgets, as I cater to anyone from the most sophisticated palate of caviar connoisseur clients to the brand new to caviar clients who are caviar novices but who I have seen quickly become forever fans.

With our very personal and customized approach, we hope to help bring caviar experience to your again and again!

Bon Appetit!


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