The Grand Caviar Flight assortment offers a rare opportunity to taste several varieties side by side, featuring a diverse selection of caviar from around the world.


This massive caviar sampler makes a striking and distinctive gift for those who treasure the delicacy of caviar as well as those eager to expand their gastronomic knowledge. This fine collection delivers 2 oz. of every black caviar we offer, a staggering total of 10 mouth-watering ounces.  Also included are Handmade Blinis and Crème Fraîche. 


•2 oz. Sevruga Caviar

•2 oz. Russian Osetra Caviar

•2 oz. American White Caviar

•2 oz. Kaluga Fusion Caviar

•2 oz. Royal Siberian Caviar

•36 Blinis

•8 oz. Crème Fraîche


Priced at approximately 20% off our store prices with free shipping (no coupon codes accepted).  

The Grand Caviar Flight