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Caviar Bumps
"Caviar bumps are all the rage"- New York Times


How do you do a caviar bump?

First, scoop some caviar — using a mother-of-pearl spoon, of course — and place it onto the back of your hand between your thumb and index finger. Your skin will gently warm the caviar, which releases even more flavor. If the caviar has been sitting on ice and is rather cold, I recommend letting the caviar warm up a little bit on your skin before doing the bump. If you let the caviar warm-up for 20-30 seconds, it will be much more flavorful. 

Once the caviar has warmed up, lick the caviar as if you’re licking salt for a shot of tequila. Then, use your tongue to crush the eggs on the top of your mouth. Enjoy all the flavors, and swallow it. If you’re drinking Champagne with your caviar, this is a great time to take a sip and see how the Champagne flavors change with the saltiness of the caviar. 

What Is the History of the Caviar Bump?

Despite the naughty-sounding name, caviar bumps are the traditional way for people in the caviar industry to sample caviar before purchasing a tin. In order to properly assess the quality and the flavors of the caviar, they need to taste it alone without any accoutrements. In addition, they need the caviar to quickly warm up so they can experience more of the flavors, which are dulled when the caviar is too cold. 

What Types of Caviar Are Best for Caviar Bumps?

Any sturgeon caviar is appropriate for doing a caviar bump. I wouldn’t recommend using roe, such as salmon roe, simply because the eggs are much larger and can be more difficult to pop. If you’re enjoying expensive caviar, I would highly recommend trying it solo by doing a caviar bump before trying it with any food. 

What's next for Bumps?

It's easy to see that a bump of caviar followed by a shot of vodka or a glass of Champagne is a huge step up from the salt-lick and Tequila shot.  Sophisticated bars and restaurants are increasingly offering bumps as an everyday option.  And it doesn't hurt that major media outlets have recently promoted bumps either.

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