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Serving Sizes Explained

There’s both art and science that go into planning a caviar tasting, whether it’s just a few close friends or a larger event with dozens of people. First, you’ve got to conjure up an elegant aesthetic, create a balanced menu, piece together a drink list, and make sure there’s a pleasant and festive flow to the evening. This is really your time to shine as a socialite!

All that stuff sounds like fun, but figuring out the right amount of caviar to buy is a bit more tricky. If you’ve never thrown an event with caviar before, you may be totally at a loss, and caviar is not something you want to miss the mark in terms of procurement. We’re here to make this aspect of party planning way less stressful and map out the precise amount of caviar you need for every person in attendance.

Here are some figures to keep in mind before you buy: