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Assorted Chocolate Truffles in Round Hat Gift Box - 22 pcs/0.5 lb/227 g, by Leonidas, Belgium


This exquisite chocolate truffle assortment comes from the notorious Belgian chocolatier, Leonidas. Since 1913, Leonidas has delivered customers a wide and exclusive variety of chocolates, pralines, truffles, butter creams, and more of the utmost quality. Only fresh butter, cocoa butter, dairy cream, and the best ingredients from all over the world are used to make Leonidas chocolates.


Leonidas’s assorted truffle chocolate round gift box features 4 varieties of truffles, including the following:

Truffle Clasique: Dark and milk chocolate ganache, coated with dark chocolate cocoa powder.

Truffle Noir: Very dark chocolate ganache, 72%, coated in dark chocolate and extra dark chocolate cocoa powder.

Truffle Speculoos: Milk chocolate ganache, speculoos gingerbread spices, and pieces of spiced biscuit, coated in pure cacao powder.

Truffle Marc de Champagne: White and milk chocolate ganache with Marc of champagne, coated in white chocolate powder.

Leonidas Assorted Truffles

SKU: 162156
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